Professional development for educators is crucial in producing impact in the classroom. Our philosophy centres on changing mind-sets and attitudes so that the change is sustainable and long-term. We believe that teachers are change agents and therefore our focus must be on providing adequate support for the teacher. Our belief is that professional development must be:

  • Research-based and data-driven
  • Suitable and adaptable to the given school/teacher
  • Included with all stakeholders in the decision-making; A needs assessment is completed before undertaking any professional development requirements
  • Growth-driven rather than trying to “fix” teachers
  • Considerate of the diverse needs of the teachers and aim to create a differentiated model of Professional development
  • We are values-based
  • We are experienced
  • We are research-driven
  • We are growth-driven
  • We are passionate
  • We are fun
  • We deliver every time!

Educators need to be constant learners. While we do not need to know everything, we need to be able to prepare our students for THEIR future, not OURS. Our vision is to provide Educators with practical, research-based, data-driven presentations and workshops that can immediately cause impact in the classroom or institution. Our mission is dedicated to “Changing education, one educator at a time.”

Our Milestones

February 2019: Presented at UWI School of Education’s Biennial Conference

March 2019: Presented at the ASCD Empower19 in Chicago

July 2019: Presented at AATSP in California

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