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Founded in 2018

21st Century Educators, founded by Lee-ann Pierre, is a registered company in Trinidad and Tobago that seeks to improve education by providing targeted, intentional professional development for educators in various formats. We offer workshops to webinars, from social media to in-person visits; we provide research-driven, personalised and 21st Century centred solutions to “Changing education, one educator at a time.” We are also a UK-accredited Professional Development Company.

We aim to empower teachers with the tools necessary to inspire their students to learn in their environment with their resources.

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  • Research Driven, Innovative, Interactive
  • Workshop Approach:

    Our workshops are research-based and offers Educators practical, tested and ready-to-implement strategies. We also provide materials which can be personalised and we offer additional support after the workshop is completed.


  • Dynamic, Interactive, Practical
  • Workshop Approach:

    Webinars are held monthly or can be done by request by a myriad of experts in different aspects on Education. The cost is low as we want to share what we know with our fellow educators.

How We Provide Our Services


Identify Challenges


Conduct Needs Assessment


Conduct Research


Deliver the Service


Professional Development With A Difference

Motivating the Language Learner - Workshop 2018Participant
Motivating Language Learner 1 - Workshop 2018Participant
New Teacher Orientation Programme 2019Participant
This session was worth taking time out of my vacation to attend. I am glad that I attended and I will definitely be implementing a lot of these tools in my lesson plans next academic year.
Thank you so much for this, it helps me feel more confident to implement technology in the classroom.
This event was more than I have expected. I commend all the persons who took the time to plan and properly execute this event. Well done!

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